The rate inclusion : Car, English speaking local guide, refreshment and lunch.

Distance : 80 Km from Banyuwangi city ( 2,5 hours by driving car ).

Tour Description :
Leaving in the morning after breakfast go to Alas Purwo The National Park. The wildlife sanctuary located on a peninsula with an area Blambangan + / – 42 square acres with a rich diversity of animals, especially bison, deer, wild boar, and peacocks. And there are some interesting places to visit in Alas Purwo The national park such as :

1. Sadengan grassland: a gathering place for wild animals to graze in the morning and afternoon. The visitors can see from the tower lookouts. 8 km from Ngagelan.

2. Trianggulasi: Beautiful beach with thrilling waves found in Alas Purwo The National Park and There are also lodging and hall resting place. 2 km from Sadengan

3. Pancur: a place where fresh water fountain near the beach. This place is an ideal spot for relaxation , take shelter and also available place to camp. 3 km from trianggulasi

4. Ngagelan: Place the proliferation of hatchery turtles and hatchlings. 6 km from the early post ( Forest Ranger )

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