The rate inclusion : Car, English speaking local guide , refreshment and Lunch.

Distance : 45 km from Banyuwangi city ( 1,5 hours by driving car ).

Tour Description :
Leaving in the morning after breakfast go to Baluran National Park. It has a rich wildlife and maybe there are no other national parks that are so easy to visit and so easy to see wild animals. You don’t even have to walk, unless you want to. The slopes of Gunung (mountain) Baluran are covered by secondary monsoon forest (very rare on Java) and are inhabited by many mammals and birds. The main attractions are the Javanese wild ox (Banteng), Rusa deer, Barking deer, Feral water buffalo, Asiatic wild dog, and other species..

The park has an observation tower on a hill at Bekol and some waterholes where animals easily can be seen from a distance. The best way to see the animals is from a safari-car.You can see the original beach and the fantastic panorama in here. Beside that you can see the mangrove forest, Bama source and Mantingan source. One of special moment here is that you can see monkey with the long tail (Macaca fascicularis) that fishing crabs with their long tail. If you like go on food, you can pass the truck and you can see the beautiful panorama of Bama Beach on the height and then drive back to the hotel.

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