The rate inclusion : Car, local guide at Kaliklatak plantation, entrance fee , refreshment and lunch ( Traditional food ) at Kaliklatak.

Distance : 25 km from Banyuwangi city ( 1 hour by driving car ).

Tour Description :
Leaving in the morning after breakfast to Kaliselogiri,a beautifully located plantation of coffee. This is one of the many plantations, which was established by Duty colonial government is this area. Banyuwangi has a concentration of plantations of coffee, cocoa, clove and rubber. All those plantation are still very well maintained and represent the most important economic resources of the area. The visitor covers the coffee plant. The plantation itself and the social and culture side of the life of the planters and its labors inhabitants. Lunch will be provided with Banyuwangi traditional food in a Local Restaurant and drive back to the hotel.